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AI-powered clinical applications for the oncology pathway

Our deep-learning solutions are tailored around the needs and input of clinical specialists.


Veye Lung Nodules,
your automated lung nodule management assistant

CE certified solution for automated lung nodule detection and quantification on chest CT scans. Veye Lung Nodules is fully integrated into the radiology workflow and suitable for both routine clinical practice and lung cancer screening programmes.

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Veye Reporting,
your interactive lung nodule reporting solution

The solution for standardised quality reporting in lung cancer screening programmes. Veye Reporting presents Veye Lung Nodules' results in a clear, customisable and shareable report.

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Seamless workflow integration

Lung nodule analysis delivered directly into your PACS

“Veye Lung Nodules improves the quality of cancer care because it automates and standardises the reporting of nodule measurements.”
Dr. Thomas Jongsma Dr. Thomas Jongsma Radiologist at MSB Gooi en Eemland, Hilversum and Blaricum, the Netherlands
“Veye helps us read CT chest scans faster because it provides clear markers for nodules.”
Dr. Floris Rietema and Dr. Paul Algra Dr. Floris Rietema and Dr. Paul Algra Dr. Floris Rietema, Interventional Radiologist, Dr. Paul Algra, board member EuSoMII and Radiologist, NWZ Hospital Group, the Netherlands
“I love the detection indications. It is a simple yet effective solution that really helps me to report nodules faster. I directly know where to find them.”
Dr. Caroline McCann Dr. Caroline McCann Consultant Cardiothoracic Radiologist at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Trust Foundation, United Kingdom


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