Veye Lung Nodules has replaced Veye Chest

Veye Chest, our AI solution for pulmonary nodule management, has been replaced by Veye Lung Nodules with the launch of the latest product version.

New product architecture

The naming follows a change in product architecture. We have split Veye Chest into two components: an engine that facilitates integration into hospital systems – Veye Engine; and a device using powerful deep learning algorithms to support nodule analysis – Veye Lung Nodules.

The features and clinical performance of the automated lung nodule assistant remain the same. Veye Lung Nodules detects, measures, classifies and tracks the growth of pulmonary nodules on chest CT scans.

Veye Lung Nodules is fully compliant with the new EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and classified as a class IIb device.

Smooth migration

After rigorous testing, we guarantee our current users a smooth migration to Veye Lung Nodules and Veye Engine. Furthermore, the new infrastructure will enhance the performance of our AI solutions in clinical practice through:

  • Higher service levels enabling increased stability, quick bug-fixing, and fast responsiveness;
  • Improved monitoring and surveillance triggering targeted interventions;
  • Minimal disturbance in the workflow in case of upgrades or new AI solutions.

Dennis Dickerscheid, Medical Physicist at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in the Netherlands, tested the new version of our solutions. He said:

“Everyone at Aidence has been prompt and supportive, ensuring a smooth and effortless migration to Veye Lung Nodules and Veye Engine. We look forward to the continued use of a tool that has become invaluable in our workflow”.

This launch is part of our roadmap to expanding our suite of AI devices to other chest applications within oncology, e.g. to detecting and measuring lung tumours. We are confident that the new architecture will deliver exceptional performance and scalability of AI medical solutions.

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