Aidence starts supporting the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Aidence announced today its support for leading UK charity Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Our common goals are helping everyone affected by lung cancer and increasing awareness of the importance of early detection. We will begin our collaboration by sponsoring the foundation’s campaign this November, marking the yearly lung cancer awareness month.

Our mission at Aidence is to use AI to give lung cancer patients a fighting chance, with our lung nodule application being used across NHS England’s Targeted Lung Health Checks, a soon-to-become-nationwide lung cancer screening initiative.

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is there for lung cancer patients and their loved ones – from diagnosis through treatment, living with the disease and end-of-life care. They also raise awareness and prevent future generations from getting the disease.

Thus, there is common ground to back each other’s efforts and achieve more together.

Mark-Jan Harte, CEO and co-founder of Aidence, explained:

“At Aidence, we regularly reflect on the human impact of lung cancer. Through the solutions we build, we aim to help patients receive a timely, accurate diagnosis. Working with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, we can do more to raise awareness of early detection while also supporting those fighting the disease.

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation has a longstanding reputation as a reliable source of knowledge and comfort for patients and their loved ones. Through their empowering activities, they have made a difference across generations in the UK. I am proud to provide funding to this excellent partner as we expand our work to include social responsibility projects.”

Paula Chadwick, CEO of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, added:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Aidence and welcome its support of our latest awareness campaign, On the Right Path.

It is our intention to help everyone with lung cancer get diagnosed and start on the best treatment for them at the earliest opportunity. However, vagueness of symptoms, symptom crossover and disease misconceptions mean many people face delays to their diagnosis. Our campaign aims to change this by improving awareness of all potential symptoms, providing symptom validation, promoting self-advocacy and challenging disease misconception.

With the support of like-minded organisations like Aidence, we can help more people get on the right path and get diagnosed earlier.”

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation will launch its campaign on the 1st of November.

About the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is the leading UK lung cancer charity dedicated to helping everyone affected by the disease. Since 1990, when the charity was set up by Professor Ray Donnelly, they have funded millions of pounds of essential lung cancer research, looking for ways to detect the disease as early as possible and save lives.

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