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the team

We may have different backgrounds and personalities, but we are driven by a shared purpose: making healthcare better and more affordable. Complementing each other since 2015.

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Mark-Jan Harte

Co-founder & CEO

Jeroen van Duffelen

Co-founder & CBO

Joris Wakkie

Chief Medical Officer

Jurriaan Graaff

Head of People

Victor Groothengel

Chief Commercial Officer

Karin Bergstein

Chief Finance Officer

Lonneke Versteegh-Reinders

Head of Engineering (a.i.) / Projects & Delivery Manager


Lizzie Barclay

Medical Director

Regulatory Compliance

Leon Doorn

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Nathan Pollpeter

Quality Assurance/Information Security Associate

Tamara Petetta

Clinical Regulatory Associate

Ricardo Roovers

Regulatory intern

Sales and Marketing

Bob Vonk

Business Manager Benelux

Lloyd O'Mahony

Business Manager UK

Raquel Unzueta

Project Manager

Maud Ménard

Product Manager

Catalina Barzescu

Content Writer & Communications Officer

Iuliana Grigore

Marketing Manager

Urmy Lai

Sales & Contracting Support Manager

Philip Colbourne

Business Development Manager UK

David King

Project & Delivery Manager NHSx

Jeroen Nijwening

Business Development Manager

Francesca Evans

Contract & Account Manager UK

Atena Mahboubian

Master of Science Research Intern

Philip Willemsen

Master of Science Research Intern


Theo Gough

Chief Architect

Pedro Palhares

Team Lead Development Engineering

Mirco Hess

Machine Learning Engineer

Gerben van Veenendaal

Data Scientist

Kais Baccour

DevOps Engineer

Oleksandr Pokutnik

Backend Engineer

Travis Dunn

Backend Engineer

Sander Smits

Backend Engineer

Andrii Yurchuk

Backend Engineer

Floortje Jolink

Application Specialist

Irene Ramirez Marin

Customer Success Engineer

Hayder Al-Geefary

Hayder Al-Geefary

Frontend Developer

Martin Marrese

Backend Engineer

Ivan Balakaev

Site Reliability Engineer

Domenico Nappo

Backend Engineer

Andrii Dalevskyi

Quality Assurance Engineer

Reza Karami

Backend Engineer

Mettin Parzinski

Frontend Consultant

Eduardo Enriquez

Backend Engineer


Seher Room

Operations Manager & HR Support

Chi Luong

Intern HR & Operations

Maite Hes

Office Coordinator

Foekje Croles

Legal Counsel

Yeva Petrosyan

Finance Assistant


Harry Welten


Bob van Gemen

Board Member

Michiel Kotting

Board Member - Northzone

Linda Boender

Board Observer - Rabobank

Frank Lansink

Board Observer - INKEF Capital

Thijs Cohen Tervaert

Board Member - INKEF Capital

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